Disrupting Education


A question we have not asked of education in a long time.

Why would we still take summers off?   Why would our curriculum be focused on teaching obedience?   Why do we learn in a classroom and sit at desk all day?   Why are we forced into a generic education, when our kids talents start to appear from kindergarten?

Fact: We had summer break to work on the farm.   I do not see many kids doing this anymore.   This lapse has been studies that it takes a full 6 months to get back to where you were prior to the 3 month break.   Second, lets make teaching a profession and pay them to the outcomes they bring for our kids.

Fact: We focused our curriculum on obedience as we built our education system to manufacture factory workers, not thinkers.  Sitting at a desk puts kids in a controllable box that can get   So there is plenty of opportunity to open up the minds of our children through observing, networking, discovering, experimenting, playing, doing, visiting, etc.

Fact: Helping our kids focus on their strengths and talents will lead them to a richer life of fulfillment and help them share their talent with the world.   The earlier they do this the quicker they become experts and people of influence.

Kumon and the Khan Academy is helping an entire generations learn math and read, engage with science and get ahead.  When sitting in a classroom across the board is not achieving marginal success.

It is time to disrupt education and I hope you engage in this narrative and start the conversation with your community and your kids.

Buzz Mouth is going to take a series of issues to create a dialogue and discussion to provoke meaningful discourse and examine issues from a new perspective.   So stop by often as we will propose ideas that disrupt the status quo and upset the people whom think that tradition is always right.

I will continue to add to this as there is a lot to disrupt.   I look forward to your feedback.

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