Growth Consulting


The goal of Growth Consulting through Aaron Bare & Co is to build a path forward to create a Purpose Driven Culture that drives Execution through Accountability and Shared Vision.   Aaron Bare’s approach is not through Advisory, it is through enabling the company to engage their workforce towards growth, driving Innovation, Influence, Execution and Iteration.  Ultimately driving the Culture and Growth to be repeatable, predictable, scalable and sustainable.

Leadership defines Shared Vision (PURPOSE)

The organization requires a Shared Vision from leadership to create accountability among Marketing, Sales, Operations, IT, HR, Finance, Product and other Support Services.    This Shared Vision needs to align all departments with a strategic growth plan that the entire company executes against.

The importance of a cultural change cannot be undermined during any companies realignment towards growth and the creation of a culture that emphasizes culture and execution.   New habits, behaviors and routines will need to be transformed through new thinking and new responsibilities throughout the organization, accelerating every persons focus on the customer and the outcomes of each customer.

RECOMMENDATION:  Leadership Workshop, HiPo Workshop, Leadership Develop Training Plan, Development of Growth Teams,  Projects and a Detailed Process for overall Internal Communications.   Democratization of Growth Plans through Growth Teams is KEY to SUCCESS.


  1. Shared Values, Vision and Mission throughout entire company
  2.   Completion of Workshops by Leadership, High Potentials and Growth Teams
  3.   Succession Plan for entire organization
  4.   Growth team Projects and Outcomes, creating guaranteed ROI
  5.   Creation of Roles & responsibilities for newly aligned and integrations company

Below is an overview of the model around innovating purpose, influencing leadership, executing on customer focus and iterating on outcomes, starting over again and again accelerating with the change happening in an industry.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.41.03 AM


This whole process is defined in Aaron’s upcoming book, Launching Disruption; how Entrepreneurs will save the world.

For more information, send us a note on our contact us page and we will create a Discovery Session to learn about your organization.