The Importance of Video

Need to drive more traffic or engage users once they arrive at your site? Try video. According to a study done by ComScore, 83.5 percent of all internet users watch at least one web video in a month.

That’s a big opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) your business or campaign to a target audience who can each be converted into a sale. We’ve broken down a few tips to utilize video correctly to increase your social media optimization:

1. Video is well received on the web, from YouTube to Facebook to blogs. However, understand that 50,400 hours of new video are uploaded every day to YouTube, so standing out among that crowd is next to impossible. Couple your YouTube upload with as many video hosting sites on the internet that you can, which will only drive more traffic and SEO.
2. Video should be interactive — it should deliver the ability to hear, see and connect with your audience.
3. Video encourages sharing because people are likely to pass along a memorable video on their personal social media accounts. So, make it easy to share!
4. It’s a great way to show personality. Be more than a faceless company or brand. Consumers are savvy today, and traditional advertising techniques aren’t as effective as they once were.
5. Be entertaining and creative to tell your desired story or message. One person speaking into the camera for 10 minutes is not the answer.
6. Be quick and to the point — meaning, keep your video under 2 minutes. If you expect someone to watch anything longer than that, you’ve set yourself up for failure.
7. Invest in quality. This is very important because creating a poorly made video with sound and lighting issues can actually do more harm to your brand than not doing a video at all. Make sure you’re ready to make the right financial investment in quality production.

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