Why You Should Invest in Social Media

Among the many reasons to expand your social media network and utilize social media as an online marketing strategy, research is now showing that more and more companies plan to increase their budgets in this arena. According to research from Marketing Sherpa, 49 percent of businesses are investing in social media right now, but — and this is the part generating interest throughout the business world — 62 percent of businesses plan to increase these budgets in the future.

From 2009-2010, Marketing Sherpa also says 56 percent of businesses reported at least a minor shift in budgets from print to social media. There are a variety of factors for this shift, including easier to track (if not greater) ROI, the decline of newsstand sales for publications and a decrease in traditional marketing budgets. Companies have clearly taken notice of the potential increase in leads, revenue and overall brand awareness that social media can provide if managed correctly. They also understand that in order to be successful, a passive strategy of simply creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account with occasional updates is not enough.

Finally, if these facts regarding the movement towards fully embracing social media and digital strategies aren’t convincing enough we’ll end with this statistic: According to a study performed by SiteKreator, small businesses who update their website more than five times per month have 300 percent more website traffic than those who do not.

What are you doing with social media? What’s your digital strategy? What kind of content are you producing? If you don’t have an answer for these three questions, your business will be left behind.

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