Mobile Development

Mobile devices have become an integral part of how we communicate, do business, and get our news and entertainment. The latest cell phone and tablet computers gives us the freedom to access sophisticated applications and games wherever we go, and both consumers and developers have quickly embraced this innovative content, making the mobile market among the fastest growing areas of software development.


Discovery Workshop

Buzz Mouth will discuss important tasks and work through possible solutions. At this time, Buzz Mouth will be able to visualize and discuss the User Interface (UI) and features in detail. This includes an in-depth conversation of functionality, how that incorporates into the Blueprint, generating scenarios where a prospective customer would come and interact with the mobile app and ultimately, create the mobile site’s goals.

These are a few items we will discuss:

Mobile Business Model Generation

This refers to the process of creating a business model defining the results through strategy, technology, process and people.   Enabling you to explain the value you would provide to potential targeted customers.  Also, creating process to monetize a mobile strategy.

  • Development of Business Plan to execute, raise monies and provide a guide for an mobile business model.

Information Architecture

Architecture refers to the process of organizing and expressing the distinctions in the content to ensure that the user can find what they are looking for without much thought or exercise.


Buzz Mouth will develop a visual appearance for the site that reinforces the overall direction, as well as the strategic objectives previously discussed.

Mobile Strategy Overview

Buzz Mouth will analyze, research and gather information relevant to the project. Build an outline of mobile requirements that include SEO goals, information architecture requirements and a brief technical spec that can be used as a guide during the course of this project.


Home Page

Buzz Mouth will create a mobile home page that sets the tone for the entire Blueprint.

Content Management System

Buzz Mouth will build the entire platform on a scalable Content Management System.


Buzz Mouth will develop a site based on the business and technical requirements discovered in week 1.


Buzz Mouth will test and continue to work on required functionality until 100% functional.


Buzz Mouth will share functional mobile app/site and have one meeting requiring feedback for final version to be launched.


Buzz Mouth will launch website in current hosting environment and make sure that it is compatible and functional.

Social Media Setup

Buzz Mouth will create strategy for social media presence and implement system to execute.

Search Engine Setup

Buzz Mouth will create strategy for SEO including link building, directory listing, on-page, off-page and taking you through entire Buzz Mouth checklist.

Email Marketing Setup

Buzz Mouth will develop newsletter/marketing strategy for email for client.


Buzz Mouth will train on all the functionality and share ways to change content, monitor, track and update all social media and website.

Ongoing Monthly Marketing Management

Buzz Mouth will create a plan to develop ongoing relationship if desired.    Typical ongoing Marketing Management is $2,500-10,000 per month depending on desired services.