Searching for Simple


As founder of Buzz Mouth, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and involved with many startups and Director of many Strategic Accounts as Agent of Record, I search for simple everyday.

My mind shifts from building apps, to managing projects to teaching class to writing books.   Daily my mind races to create the next innovation for my clients and to disengage from my own issues, I have created a routine of refresh, innovate and relax, which I do daily.    I have also found that Wayne Dyer has created a 12 steps to Simplicity that has really helped me focus on what is important.

Here are Wayne Dyers, 12 Steps to Simplicity:

1. unclutter
2. unscheduled
3. free time free
4. meditate
5. nature
6. health
7. distance critics
8. play
9. slow down
10. eschew debt
11. cash value
12. remember spirit

So I have worked hard in the last year to complete these steps and get to simple.   To think is to create!

First, I organized myself by always carrying a capture tool so that ideas, innovation and task do not get lost.   I record ideas, thoughts and action items with my iPhone or a Field Notes book I often carry with me.    From there I organize once a week to schedule them (soon), complete them (now), delete them (never) or add to a rainy day list that I am not doing now, scheduling or deleting (my someday list).    This process releases me from the stress, worries, fears or doubts of getting it all done, as I get a plan for it all and it only takes 15-20 minutes weekly.

I have rid myself of paper with Earth Class Mail, as mail gets scanned and checks deposited automatically, I stopped all magazines, I donated all books (Kindle often) and continue to work to rid myself of clutter, organizing my schedule so I have free time and unscheduled time.  I have scanned all documents and have them in the cloud accessible from my iPhone or Mac Book Pro, complete freedom from the office as it is in my head and pocket.   I even bought a micro-projector to make presentations from my iPhone, yet often carry a zip to load on others computers to share visuals or just open from Dropbox or a presentation stored online.

To refresh, I have slowed down considerably and do not take things so seriously, yet do not meditate very often, something I need to work to incorporate in my current lifestyle as a clear mind is an effective mind.   I am working myself back outside into nature to take care of my health working towards a marathon and triathlon, starting to run daily.   To relax, I enjoy playing with my daughter and just relaxing with my family during vacation or bizcations taking them my family with me while I travel.    This year, I will eschew all debt and find ways to create value for everyone around me.    All remembering my spirit and the fact that life is a journey not a destination, so enjoying each moment.

Finally, I spend my day innovating so I have a free mind to focus on my clients and business partners problems and solving their issues.   I have created a book called Launching Disruption, likely to be published next year that covers my thoughts on entrepreneurship, innovation and new business models tightly wound into 4 chapters: innovation, influence, execution and outcomes.      This framework helps me really make an impact, yet more importantly, all the other things being simple in my life, it has enable me to focus on what is most important to my client, first personally, then professionally and organizationally!

From there, I have thought of every possible way to remove friction from my life, in my business as many of my employees have learned I look for the frictionless solution, the one where everyone wins and things exceed expectations.   The solution (innovation) is there and often the easiest to implement once it is discovered.  For example, my wife started a crock pot website, as crock pot / slow cooking as we looked at implementing easy ways to manage our lifestyle of simple.   We enjoy cooking together and she has become an excellent crock potter, as we seek to find as many recipes as possible to add to her website we continue to extend the capabilities of a Crock Pot. We have created over 1,000,000 unique visitors to the website in a year, spreading simplicity.

We also have built an app called Chain Diet, that maps fast food restaurants from your current location and shares the best thing to order on their menu according to the diet your are using so I do not have to make a decision and can be on a healthier eating no matter where I am or what is around.

Then, we outlined our home into zones, broke down all the task into those zones and outsourced all of them, creating a process we are developing call Household MBA, an educational course for wives and husbands to make sure everything gets done and the house does not become the problem or an inhibiter to accomplishing your goals.   As the educational program our goal is to create Household CEO’s, much needed in the complexity of todays home.   As for years, Household Managers have reigned success and brought bliss to homes adding fresh flowers and making sure everything happens that needs to, our goal is to train the world how to live this way, simply.

We have taken a look at our finances and created a process called Liberty Packet, giving us the freedom to know if anything happens things will take care of themselves and that we will retire Automatic Millionaires from small efforts we are taking now.   Finally, we have figured out an Automatic Maintenance schedule for everything we own, so things just happen automatically.   We are turning this into an app soon and a way of life.   As smart phones have enabled me to manage everything in my life from my pocket.

All of this to create a life of simple or lifestyle of simplicity.  All of this to create simplicity for others as we have found for ourselves. I have dug and dug to find the bottom of simplicity and only found complexity along the way.  Now, I have found out is that it is first complex, to really understand how to live simply.  Yet, through complexity, suddenly a clearing opens for the innovation of simplicity to remove all that encumbers it.  So now that I am here, it is time to enjoy the journey and refresh, innovate and relax each day as it is not what happens to you in life, yet how you handle it. Live the life you want now as life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, follow your dreams. I am…

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