Aaron Bare has performed a variety of workshops to assist companies, both corporate and entrepreneurial focused that frames change and creates implementable process for each workshop.

For Coca-Cola, Aaron Bare created a custom workshop to share Disruptive Influences and drove change into the organization based on this disruption framing up 8 value-added projects that will make the biggest impact.

Universities are losing the battle on talent, as great online courses give bigger opportunity for great teaching to be shared.   So here are some other online courses Aaron is producing:

  • Launching Disruption (Udemy Course)
  • 30 Days to Sales Success (Udemy Course)
  • Innovative Marketing for Small Giants (Udemy Course)
  • Skills for the Future (Udemy Course)
  • The Digital Boot Camp (Facilitated Learning Experience)
  • Influence Tank (Leadership Network Experience)

Contact Aaron for more information, contact here.